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East Suzhou Commercial District to Be Upgraded

Following the agreement signed in June for Carrefour to set up shopping mall at the Century Square the intersection of Donghuan Road and East Yangzhi Road in east Suzhou, another agreement was signed on Dec. 4 for Guomei Electrical, the largest domestic chain retailers of household electrical appliances, to build the biggest mart of household electrical appliances at Century Square in east Suzhou.

Century Square in east urban Suzhou is located at the joining point of SIP, Canglang District, and Wuzhong District, with heavy traffic and masses of consumers. With the construction of 100,000 square meters floor space for retail businesses under way, a brand new commercial district will soon take shape in the eastern edge of Suzhou. The entry of the two retail giants, the area is undergoing a fundamental upgrading.

Under the jurisdiction of Loufeng Township, the district has maintained a head-on growth of service industries. The first supermarket in Suzhou, Bairunfa, and the business street, Fengyi Road, are in the near vicinity of its location. GDP percentage of service industry exceeded 40% last year in Loufeng, far ahead of the surrounding areas.

Century Square is one of the new projects in the plan of Loufeng Township to build the largest comprehensive commercial district between the old city proper and SIP.


Carrefour took three years of survey and analysis to decide the location of its second mall in Suzhou. The ultimate selection of Century Square is based on precise estimations of population, transport, industrial structures, urban planning, and development potentials. As was pointed out by a Carrefour leader, Century Square was surrounded by residential communities with over 300,000 residents within a radium of 3 kilometers, with a daily flow of 20,000 people. Carrefour will provide customized shop fronts with adequate facilities at the mall in comfortable shopping environment. The parking lot will accommodate nearly 700 cars. The mall, 17,500 square meters for retail area designed in a similar pattern as the first one near the city sports complex, will commence business in 2007.

At the signing ceremony of agreement between Century Square and Guomei Electricals, the general mamanger of Guomei expressed full confidence in the business opportunities and growth potential of his mart in this unmistakable prosperous commercial district.

The commercial project of Century Square covers F&B, shopping, leisure and entertainment, and part of high-rise apartment buildings featuring elevators that give direct access to the mall.

Dec. 8, 2005

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