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Computerized Accounting in SIP Enterprises Required to File Up at Tax Bureau

SIP State Tax Bureau adopted a policy recently to require all SIP enterprises with computerized accounting to file up their application software at the bureau. Now, said Jiang Yuesheng, Director of SIP State Tax Bureau, "We are now perfectly aware of all the management software being used in the 2,000 foreign-invested enterprises within SIP."

Suzhou Industrial Park is one of the fastest growing development zones in China, where 90% of the foreign-invested enterprises have computerized their accounting and tax calculation. Since the software varies among the enterprises, it is cumbersome for tax officials to carry out verification of financial books, and very often, they had to "log into the unfamiliar program but unable to exit". To improve management of the tax payers in a dynamic way, SIP State Bureau decided to adopt the system of filing of all software used in enterprises. The present filing of enterprise management software shows that about 35% of the software is developed at the domestic market.

To enforce effective monitoring and control of tax sources, SIP State Tax Bureau organized an experienced, computer-wise authentication team to analyze the enterprise software, and on that basis to establish a management system for the control and monitoring of the various software.

Dec. 6, 2005

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