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730,000 RMB Charity Fund Raised from Thousand Participants of "Loving Care" Plan


Over a thousand volunteers from 12 foreign-invested enterprises in SIP initiated the charity fund raising activity of "De Shan" Loving Care Hand-in-hand long distance race on Nov. 26 to help the patients of uremia, with the result that the fund raised on the day amounted to 732,000 yuan RMB. It is reported that besides "De Shan" charity organization, other charity plans like "Yi Shan" and "Ren Shan" are also in active implementation.

Figures in spotlight: Qiu Xiegen (78-year-old racer)
He said, "I would like to join this race every year. So long as my health permits, I'll run for another 10 or twenty years."

Statistics show that there are about 200 poverty-stricken patients of uremia in Suzhou. Each of such patients would normally have to spend a million yuan RMB to sustain medical treatment, apart from the government subsidies and preferential allowances. These patients of uremia caused much concern of the society, and in unique ways the volunteers expressed their love for the weak and poor yesterday. The gray-haired Qiu Xiegen, the oldest among the participants of race, told reporters that when learned about the purpose of the race, he applied for it without the least hesitation. An adorable 11-month-old girl Gao Tianlai, was carried in a backpack by her father Gao Guoshan, an employee of Spansion Semiconductor, during the race. By 10 in the morning, the contingent of racers arrived at the Central Park and gathered at the donation ceremony. Mr. P. C. Loh, Chairman of "De Shan" special assistance planning council, read aloud the written proposal, and announced the donation activity, which was joined by 12 foreign-invested enterprises including AU Optronic Co., Ltd., Fairchild Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and He Jian Technology Co., Ltd., etc. The donated charity fund totaled 720,000 yuan RMB, and another 10,000 yuan was collected from charity sales on spot. So far, the total amount of "De Shan" plan has exceeded a million yuan.

Figure in spotlight: P. C. Loh (major initiator of "De Shan" plan)

He told told the reporters, "The successful implementation of "De Shan" plan is the result of the unswerving team work of SIP foreign-funded enterprises."

The "De Shan" special assistance plan was started on March 2, when the first charity sum of 250,000 yuan RMB, funded jointly by AMD and Spansion, was injected into the account of the municipal Red Cross Society. More and more SIP foreign-funded enterprises are now being involved in the plan, and 34 patients of uremia have benefited from the plan so far. The third step of the plan is soon to start. Mr. Loh, who has all along shunned himself from the mass media in his usual quiet and low-keyed style, made the first exception to receive reporters. Middle-aged with benign, scholastic manners, Loh was born in Malaysia with Malaysian citizenship, and a permanent resident of Singapore, but he takes great pride in being a honorary citizen of Suzhou. Ever since he came to Suzhou in 2001, he has been fascinated by the classical elegance and modernity of Suzhou. He loves Suzhou as his second hometown, and it is out of his sense of responsibility as a "citizen" that an idea was brewing in his mind to sponsor a charity project of SIP characteristics. When learning about the misery of uremia-ridden children, he decided to focus the rescue efforts on the patients of uremia, and his personal proposal led to the subsequent implementation of "De Shan" plan.

P.C. Loh has always paid close attention to education, environmental protection and other public undertakings of Suzhou. Under his initiative, his company is providing diverse assistance every year to Soochow University and other institutions of higher learning in building laboratories and research facilities, and has set up scholarships and financial aid plans for students amounting to over 300,000 yuan. A recent aid plan helped 100 well-performing junior students in the community to continue their studies. The company has never ceased aid to the deaf-mute and handicapped students within the neighborhood. Talking about the operation of "De Shan" plans, Loh expressed his hope that more enterprises would join in the acts of charity and that in varied and creative ways would the plans mobilize wider attention and participation in the loving care activities.

Nov. 27, 2005

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