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The First SIP "De Shan" Charity Fund Raising Long Distance Race Starts

The First "De Shan" Charity Fund Raising Hand-in-hand Long Distance Race Started on Nov. 26 in SIP, jointly sponsored by SIP Administrative Committee (Sipac), Suzhou Rod Cross Society, "De Shan" Charity Planning Council, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Public Health, and Social Economic Channel of Suzhou General Broadcasting and TV Station. The activity, under the slogan of "virtue and benevolence for the goodness of harmonious society", is aimed to raise charity fund to aid the patients of uremia with low-level social insurance or without medical insurance, especially those poor junior patients, in the communities of SIP.

Many well-known foreign-invested enterprises in SIP showed their support for the "De Shan" Loving Care Plan by applying to participate in the race, and sending volunteers to carry out various fund raising activities, and by Nov. 22, the applicants included Spansion Semiconductor (China) Co., Ltd., AMD Semiconductor Technology (China) Co., Ltd., AU Optronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Fairchild Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., He Jian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Andrew Telecommunications (China) Co., Ltd., Kulicke & Soffa (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Branch of NCT Co., Ltd., Suzhou Renaissance Hotel, Solectron (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., National Semiconductor (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Ascendas-Xinsu Development (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. These enterprises have all donated charity funds to the "De Shan" Loving Care Plan. The estimated charity fund amounted to over 700, 000 yuan RMB.

The long distance race covered two routes, passing through the main road of SIP and the above-mentioned enterprises. The two relay race teams joined at the Century Square, from where the last two kilometers of the race, led by the leaders of Sipac and general managers of these enterprises, finished at the destination, the Central Park.

The activities of the day began at 9 o'clock, and all citizens were welcome to join the organizer and participating enterprises in the large-scale charity fund raising activities. The enterprises prepared exquisite souvenirs for participants of the fund raising activity. A brief heart-warming closing ceremony was held at the Central Park to express gratitude to all the supporting units and volunteers, and a proposal was passed to deliver to all walks of life, calling on care and love for those in need. "Social Fax" Channel of TV and famous TV hosts, together with cultural and art workers, presented a stage performance to all the participants.

Nov. 26, 2005

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