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SIP Releases Information to Private Enterprises

An information release was given on Nov. 24 to over 100 private or single-proprietor businesses on SIP development, at which government departments of industry and commerce administration, planning, state land resources, and economic development gave respective introductions on the latest policies and statutory regulations, and investment guide. Such information release has been held for three consecutive years in SIP as an important measure to improve the role of service-oriented government. Transparency of policies and customized services have promoted the vigorous growth of private and single-proprietor businesses within SIP. It is revealed that so far, the number of private-owned enterprises in SIP has reached nearly 8,00, while that of single-proprietor businesses over 8,000. The total amount of registered capital of civilian-run enterprises is showing an increase by leaps and bounds, whereas the average investment amount per enterprise is taking the lead in the whole of Jiangsu Province.

Nov. 25, 2005

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