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Schindler Base, the Largest in China, Goes into Operation

A celebration ceremony was held on Nov. 22 at the newly constructed manufacturing base of Schindler Company to mark the commencement of production with the largest base area in the country.

In the spacious modern workshop, where the ceremony was held, Mr. Tinggren, President of Asian and Pacific Division of Schindler Group, and other guests of honor pressed the buttons to activate the highly automatic production line, applied only in large-scale elevator companies, and in an instant, all the machines started running with few operators in sight, showing high efficiency of the vibrant modern technology.

The base, built by Swiss Schindler Group with an investment of 50 million yuan RMB, covers a ground area of 15,000 square meters, the largest of its kind in China. Taking the lead in technology and market share, Schindler Group is the largest manufacturer of escalators and the second largest manufacturer of elevators in the world. The base is one the two elevator manufacturing systems completed by Schindler this year through acquisition and construction. The operation of the new base will further meet the demands for elevators at the Chinese market.

Nov. 23, 2005

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