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Senior Officials of 6 African Countries Study vocational Education in Suzhou

The delegation of African ministers of education, headed by Minister of Culture and Education Joseph of Tanzania, came to Suzhou for a study visit on Nov. 21, accompanied by Zhang Xinsheng, Chinese Vice Minister of Education. Wang Guoxing, Vice Mayor of Suzhou gave a banquet in honor of the delegation on behalf of Suzhou Municipal Government.

"Symposium of Sino-African Ministers of Education" is scheduled for Nov. 27 in Beijing, and during the session, the ministers of education from 19 countries will meet to discuss on issues of mutual concern. Suzhou and other 4 cities are the destinations for study tours of the African ministers of education prior to the symposium.

Yesterday morning, the delegation of senior officials of education from 6 African countries of Tanzania, Sudan, Mozambique, Benin, etc. visited Suzhou Industrial Park, and made survey of SIP Institute of Vocational Technology and had discussions among the ministers.

Since the reform and opening up, Suzhou has made noticeable progress in education, and last year, Suzhou was the first to implement 15-year basic education. The admission rate of senior middle school education reached 93.4%, and the entrance rate for universities over 50%. The various targets issued by Ministry of Education have all reached the level of the major advanced countries of the world in the mid-90s. The development of education in Suzhou served as a powerful impetus for economic and social progress. During the survey, the delegation was keenly interested in the vocational education in Suzhou, which is oriented towards employment and based on "seamless interface" with enterprises. During the discussion with the Chinese hosts, the delegation expressed the view that the experience of Suzhou in carrying out vocational education would serve as useful reference for African countries.

Nov. 22, 2005

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