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SIP Hotels – Favorites of IT Talents

An open Suzhou is seeing more and more guests from all over the world, and Suzhou Industrial Park, in particular, offers a wide range of hotel accommodations to guests, including deluxe 5-star hotels of international standards and economy hotels of local flavors. Here are some of the choices for IT talents:

Renaissance Hotel

The rectangular tower of Renaissance Hotel affords a scenic view of the industrial park from every room, a modern comfort amidst tranquil gardens of the Central Park and the neighboring City Manor residential areas.

Located in the CBD on the borderline of SIP and Suzhou old city proper, the 380-room Renaissance Hotel is within stone's through of the Central Park, only 5 kilometers from the shopping center downtown, and one kilometer from the Surging Wave Pavilion and the Master-of-Nets Garden, both classical gardens being on the list of World Cultural Heritage. The hotel is easily accessed from Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and Suzhou-Jiaxing-Hangzhou Expressway, an advantage desired by commercial guests.

Chateau Regent Apartment Hotel

The spectacular buildings of ** Regent Apartment Hotel are a crystallization of wisdom and art, and to live here is to enter the life of international elite.

The hotel lies between the Jinji Lake and Dushu Lake, on the west the 27-hole international standard golf course, overlooking the super 5-star hotels in the northeast. The natural shorelines, fitness gyms, restaurants, European architectural style and British way of housekeeping, etc., put the hotel on top of list of serviced apartments in the south of the Yangtze Basin.

Crown Plaza Hotel

The first 5-star hotel in Suzhou and formerly the New Suzhou International Hotel, Crown Plaza Suzhou has established itself as hospitality industry of renowned international brand.
The hotel has set the goal to "Maintain international first class and constantly improve service" in the competition of hotels in SIP. Convinced that service is the soul of operation and management, the hotel has reinforced employee training and improved the facilities to rejuvenate the "old hotel". When the expansion project is completed, there will be 400 deluxe suites, and in addition, the hotel will be the first 5-star hotel in the province to have a VIP Yacht Club.

Kenway International Hotel

Kenway International Hotel, the first 4-star hotel of Kenway Group, is scheduled to start business later this month at Jinji Lake Commercial Square as the “early bird” in the hotel market east of Jinji Lake. Located at Zone One of Jinji Lake Commercial Square and designed by American Hillier Co. by 4-star standards, the outfit of the hotel building blends harmoniously with the surroundings of the square. The hotel offers 200 executive suites and 500 seats in restaurants with customized facilities. The hotel will add a significant choice to the F&B service in the east-of-lade areas, with a special appeal to business travelers.

Neighborhood Holiday Inn

The first intermediate economy hotel started business along with the Shihui Mansion of Neighborhood Center in May 2003. The 62 standard rooms of 4-star criterion, the deluxe rooms, and executive suites add an option for business travelers and residents in SIP as a good supplement to the elite hotels. The 12 functions of Shihui Mansion complete the related services of the hotel.

Scholars Inn

Located at Zone B of Zuo'an Commercial Street, the Scholars Inn brings a refreshing style of the quaint traditional culture of Suzhou to the modern setting of SIP.

The hotel is equipped with 108 guest rooms and a restaurant seating 260 diners. The room rate varies from 300 to 400 yuan RMB, an option from the next-door Renaissance.  The classical style is found in the outer wall of dark gray bricks, the antiquarian interior decorations, central court with tall flower stands, the front desk in the fashion of painter's desk, the elevator doors painted with ancient romantic scholars, and the custom-made blue-and-white wash basins in washrooms, etc. Apart from the library with rich collections, every room is provided with books, deepening the cultural taste of the economy hotel.

Kenway Hyatt Hotel

Designed by the famous American Lohan Caprile Architects with a constructed area of 130,000 square meters, Kenway Hyatt consists of two 22-story buildings, offering 1,000 guest rooms and hotel apartments. The hotel is expected to commence operation in 2007, managed by Hyatt Hotel Management Group, whose operation in Mainland China is so far limited in Beijing and Shanghai.

Jinji Lake Grand Hotel

Located between the two natural lakes of Jinji and Dushu and covering a ground of 27 hectares, the hotel is designed to conform to the standards of platinum 5-star hotels recently promulgated by National Bureau of Tourism. It will be built into an international first-rate forest-style business hotel with 460 rooms. The total investment will be 1.2 billion yuan RMB, and constructed area 120,000 square meters.

Oriental Gate

An investment ofr 4.5 billion yuan RMB, the gigantic gateway-shaped multifunction building is located at the heart of CBD in SIP, and embracing the functions of platinum 5-star hotel, offices, apartment hotel, businesses, and entertainments. The construction is expected to complete in 2008, by which time it will not only be China's first super high-rise building, but also the tallest gate (60 meters) in the world, as well as the largest hotel (3,500 rooms) in Asia.

Currently under construction are International Expo Center Hotel, Modern Square Hotel, Jinji Lake Square Hotel, No.1 Convenient Central Hotel, and Baitang Japanese-style Spa Hotel, etc. Besides, many foreign groups are preparing to join in the competition in SIP hospitality industry, such as Yanlord Group of Singaporean, Accor Group of France, and Kempinski Group of Germany, etc.

Oct. 20, 2005 "Suzhou Daily"

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