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SIP Welcomes Think Tank of Manufacturers, Officials, and Scholars from China and Singapore


The second session of SIP Development Consultative Committee was held on Nov. 18 at SIP International Building to solicit views and ideas concerning the future development of SIP, attended by well-known scholar Wu Jinglian, Mr. Chia Chung Mun, Senior Chief of International Business Development Dept. of Trade Ministry of Singapore, Mr. Uchida, President of Japanese Yokogawa Electric Co. (Suzhou), high-level manufacturing managers, officials, and scholars from China and Singapore.

Suzhou Industrial Park, a major project of China-Singapore cooperation, has scored remarkable achievements in the past 11 years of its development and construction, and has become one of the most competitive and fastest-growing development zones in China. In attaining the goal of building up a hi-tech industrial park of the most competitive edge in the world, SIP still has to improve the level of development, concentration of industries, technological innovation, and R&D capabilities.

The session is focused on the theme of "improvement of SIP's international competitiveness" with stress on soliciting views and ideas of the consultative committee concerning the competitiveness in manufacturing industries, service industries, technological innovation, environmental protection, and structural mechanism. Thematic speeches were delivered at the session by well-known scholars Wu Jinglian, Li Boxi, and Prof. Hong Yinxing, Chia Chung, Mun, Director of Singapore Software Office, Hashimoto Shozo, Administrative Consultant of Nomura General Research Institute, Uchida, President of the Japanese Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Hideki, President of the Japanese Nitto Denko Company, suggesting specific goals, approaches, and relevant polices in respect of pro-business government, industrial planning, modern service sector, urban designing, ecological construction, HR development, etc.

Yan Li, Mayor of Suzhou, gave positive assessment to the role of SIP Development Consultative Conference in helping improve the work of all fields in SIP since its first session in 2001. He pointed out that the second session was aimed to request advices from scholars and representatives of business circles in China and abroad so as to improve the administrative and decision-making ability of the government and to achieve faster and better development of SIP.

In coordination with the session, SIP government has invited the prestigious Japanese Nomura General Research Institute to conduct a systematic investigation on the international competitiveness of SIP, on that basis, Sipac presented to the session a systematic research report on the current status quo, development orientation and goals of SIP's international competitiveness.

Nov. 18, 2005

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