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Int'l Technology Park Wins "Garden Award"

The landscaping project of SIP International Technology Park was awarded one of the "best ten garden greening projects of Suzhou".   

The garden-landscaped green project in SIP Int'l Technology Park covers a total area of 140,300 square meters. The whole park is divided up into building areas and lakeshore areas, and between the buildings meander brooks among lawns, arched stone bridges, and pebble-paved pathways through groves, which impart an air of traditional culture. The lakeshore areas are a combination of the modern and traditional styles of zigzag corridors, waterside pavilions, and wooden gazebos of exquisite workmanship. Modern techniques and traditional culture are harmoniously integrated to make the park a façade of SIP. In the green ground are planted over a hundred species of shrubs of all seasons, including the city tree, camphor, to produce the 3D green ecological effects.  

In order to improve the landscaping and greening projects in the whole municipality, Suzhou Afforestation Committee and the Municipal Administration of Gardens and Afforestation have since the beginning of the year started the annual activity of "Tiger Hill Cup" election and assessment to select ten best projects of landscaping and greening. 20 projects were selected after preliminary evaluation, and the ensuing survey and assessment by experts group on the 5 aspects of design, implementation, maintenance, management, and material application yielded the result of the best ten projects of the year.

Nov. 17, 2005

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