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SIP Logistics Enterprises Render Better Service to Manufacturing Industries

Jointly developed in SIP by Jinlianhui (HK) and Shanghai Heqian Industrial Company, "China Suzhou Donggang Steel Mart" started business operation recently. An investment of 110 million yuan RMB, the steel mark consists of 420 sales stores and 100 transaction stands, with 80,000 square meters' ground for stacked goods in addition to large dock and warehousing facilities.

The SIP Bonded Logistic Center was established on May 11, 2004, and went into operation on Oct. 12 the same year. Within one year, 15 logistics enterprises have entered the center, including the American UPS, BAX, the Japanese Kintetsu, and domestic Datian, etc. Over 400 manufacturing enterprises from 18 provinces and municipalities under central jurisdiction have chosen the center to carry out logistic operation, and the warehouse of 70,000 square meters in Phase One is all leased. During the year, the center has handled 35,000 customs declarations, totaling 170,000 tons of freight and US$ 5.1 billion value of goods under customs control.

SIP Bonded Logistic Center functions as a new operation platform of "zero inventory and high flexibility", combining the services of bonded warehousing, simple processing and value-added service, international logistic service, international transit trading, with  policy in export tax rebate, which has played an indispensable role in providing speedy and more convenient backup services, reducing logistic cost, optimizing industrial chains for enterprises in SIP, the surrounding areas, and the Yangtze Delta regions, and even the whole of China. Besides the current major and loyal customers of the center like BenQ, Acer, Solectron, AU Optronics, etc., more enterprises from the upstream and downstream chain are joining in the alliance so that the center is becoming the largest distribution center of liquid crystal screens in the country.

SIP Bonded Logistic Center has clearly demonstrated the role in promoting the local manufacturing and service industries, and its next goal is to promote the third-party logistics, to form an international procurement distribution center, and push forward the processing trade in the areas along the Yangtze.

Nov. 14, 2005

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