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Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Company Established

A grand opening tea party was held by Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of TVS from Taiwan, a few days ago in SIP to announce the planning of Mainland China market. Mr. Chen Chi-lin, Chairman of TVS, who made special trip to China, invited guests of honor school president Liu Zhenxia, Shen Sufeng, Director of SIP Bureau of Investment Promotion, General Manager Dai Lin of Tiandi Digital Technology, and Mr. Haraguchi, biggest shareholder of TVS from SECOM Group in the ribbon cutting ceremony for Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Leading manufacturers in the related industries and reporters of noted news media attended the occasion to witness this historic moment.

Faced with the situation that the Mainland China maintained high economic growth in 2005 while the global economic growth slopped down, Taiwan Video System have stepped up efforts in expanding its business in the Mainland regions of China, and established good cooperative relations with many downstream manufacturers with the result that its sales revenue kept increasing year by year, and these regions have become the most important business market in the whole Asian and Pacific Regions. To enhance its cooperation with the Mainland manufacturers and to provide diversified service, TVS decided to build a new plant in Suzhou as a first solid step towards the mainland market and in establishing its regional superiority of localization. Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is aiming to build up a brand name as an exemplary consigned ODM manufacturer and a pride of the Chinese people.

Chairman Chen Chi-lin of TVS said, "The plant of Taiwan Video System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will be responsible for direct communication with the masses of our strategic partners of cooperation, including many enterprises of international caliber. It is hoped that cooperation with these outstanding enterprises will boost the influence and position of TVS in the Mainland regions and expand the market of CCTV and terminal POS system units, and make TVS a leading manufacturer in China for continuous operation."

Nov. 14, 2005

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