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Procurement Center of the Largest Medical Sick Bed Manufacturer Moves Into SIP

"Yilong" is a familiar brand to all mothers who received childbirth attention at the Municipal Hostpital, where over 20 multifunction child delivery beds have been introduced from American Yilong Group to set up the largest "Yilong home-style demonstration hospital of child delivery service" in China and the second largest in Asia.

Now, Yilong International Co., Ltd., the largest manufacturer of medical sick beds in the world, has moved its international supply management center to Suzhou Industrial Park, with the purpose of reducing production cost by localizing procurement of raw materials. Yilong Business Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the first international supply chain management center of Yilong Group in Asian and Pacific Region, formally started up  business operation in SIP yesterday.

American Yilong Group is the world leader in the supply of medical care products and related services, and as the largest medical sick bed manufacturer in the world, the Group has for over 70 years been carrying out close cooperation with medical institutions across the world. Yilong Business Service (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. functions as an international supply chain management center of Yilong Group in the Asian and Pacific Region. The reason for Yilong to locate its supply chain management center in SIP is that it gives high appraisal to the manufacturing level in Asian and Pacific Region, especially in China, and that the center can easily procure raw materials in the fields of electronics, machinery, metal parts, plastics, and bed cushions to make up for the shortage of supply in the US and Europe, so as to achieve the optimum cost. Besides, Yiling has already established good cooperative relations with many SIP enterprises such as Solectron, and the location of the center in SIP narrows down the distance from its suppliers and affords new opportunities to develop more suppliers.

Nov. 14, 2005

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