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2005 Annual IC Manufacturing Conference To Be Held in Suzhou

"Symposium on Development of China's IC Industry and the 8th Annual Conference of IC Division of China Semiconductor Industrial Association" will be held at Central Hotel of Suzhou Convention Center on Dec. 1 – 2, 2005. Sponsored by China Semiconductor Industrial Association, the conference will be called on by IC Division of China Semiconductor Industrial Association under the coordination of Jiangsu Provincial Semiconductor Industrial Association, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, and Suzhou Municipal IC Industrial Association, and handled by Shenzhen Yakexi Information Consultancy Co., Ltd.

Meticulous preparations for the conference have been going on for months, and so far, leaders and technological personnel of over 300 Chinese IC enterprises, domestic and foreign semiconductor research institutes, and IC enterprises set up in China by world-famous corporations have decided to attend the event, and besides, many celebrated semiconductor experts, banks, analysts of risk investment institutions from China and abroad, and news media have applied to participate in the conference. More enterprises are expected to apply for the event.

The annual conference will focus on the theme of "manufacturing technology and advanced processing technology in IC industry", and hold photo gallery show on the development of China's IC manufacturing, and display of new technologies and products of participating enterprises. On the second day will be high-level dialogues among senior enterprise leaders, and discussions on "implementation of No.32 Circular", and "Self-disciplinary Protocol of China IC Manufacturing Industry (draft)". The three separate technical sessions will be presided over by invited prestigious enterprises in China to deal with the topics "how to improve second-hand equipment", "in-depth discussion on lead-free green assembling and testing", and "implementation of advanced manufacturing technology and designing", and so on.

The purpose of the forthcoming conference is to enhance exchange and cooperation among Chinese semiconductor enterprises and with overseas industries, to promote the development of China's semiconductor industry, and to create a platform of effective communication for the industrial chain of China's semiconductor industry, as well as to set up an effective platform for foreign companies to gain better understanding of Chinese market and to expand investment in China.

Nov. 3, 2005

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