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China Int'l Semiconductor Exhibition & Symposium
to Be Held in Suzhou

On Oct. 25, Yan Li, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Suzhou, met Yu Zhongyu, Director of Electronic Science Committee of Ministry of Information Industry and Secretary General of Council of China Semiconductor Industrial Association, and Hideo Ohtsubo, former GM of Tokyo Semitsu Co., Ltd. and Honorary Consultant of China Semiconductor Industrial Association, and their entourage. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, was also present at the meeting.

Yan Li said that China International Semiconductor Exhibition and Symposium had been held three times, and its influence was far-reaching in the domestic and overseas electronic industry, and that Suzhou would make meticulous preparations and arrangements for the next event. Yan also said that great progress had been made in economic construction and social undertakings in Suzhou since the reform and opening up, highlighted by external-oriented economy, 30% of which fell in the category of electronics and information industry. Yan Li hoped that the next exhibition would help to promote the profile of Suzhou and be a spur on the development of Suzhou’s electronic and information industry. Yu Zhongyu said that electronic and information industry was highly developed in Suzhou, and expected that the next exhibition and symposium would promote the technological and industrial level of the local electronic and information industry.

Tan Gongjiao, Director of Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, was also present at the meeting.

Oct. 29, 2005

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