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250,000 Builders of SIP

At the recent conference on the work of human resources, SIP was awarded the grand prize for advanced district in the municipality. Last week, the SIP Organization and Personnel Department, in charge of HR service and management in SIP, held a meeting to release "the latest information on SIP development and construction", "the current status of HR development", and "plans for next period" to personnel managers of SIP enterprises, so that SIP enterprises are well informed of the overall situation of SIP in progress.

It is not only the enterprises within SIP, but the whole of Suzhou and other parts of China, that are concerned about the development situation of SIP.

Total employees in SIP reach 250,000
Great demands for human resources of high quality arise along with the fast development of economy and social progress in SIP. By September 2005, the total employees in SIP had reached 250,000, among which are 160,000 in the areas of China-Singapore cooperation, composed of 2,200 masters, 25,000 university graduates, 23, 000 secondary college graduates, and 110,000 graduates from technical schools or under. Those with education background of technical schools or above comprise 31.4% of the total.

A net increase of 9% employees from outside of Suzhou
As the result of shortage of human resources and open recruitment in the local region, SIP has recruited employees from all over the country. Within the area of China-Singapore cooperation, there are now 52.9% employees recruited from outside of Suzhou Municipality, a net increase of 9% as compared with the previous year, apart from the 6,000 overseas expatriates working in SIP. As the industrial formation is dominated by hi-tech industries, which suit the educated young applicants, the average age of employees is only 27, and those under the age of 35 comprise 91.8% of the total. SIP is thus becoming a region of immigration for the young in a open manner.

Fast increase in employees in service sector
The implementation of plans to double the development of service industries this year has resulted in the newly approved projects twice as many as industrial enterprises, which call for great demand for personnel in service sector. For the first time, the increase of service employees has overtaken that of the manufacturing industries. Currently, there are over 2,000 enterprises in various fields of service sector, comprising 20% of the total number of enterprises in SIP, with nearly 50,000 employees. Within the area of China-Singapore cooperation, there are 21,000 employees in the service sector, comprising 14.1% of the total employment.

The continuing growth of service industries in SIP will keep the fast increase of service personnel for a relatively long period. In the meantime, the speedy growth of hi-tech enterprises in the service sector will create concentration of high-level human resources in the service industries.

100% increase of employees with master degrees
The continued development of new and hi-tech industries in SIP is causing the formation of a large contingent of high-caliber talents such as those with doctor and master degrees, or senior professional titles, or returned scholars from abroad. This year saw an increase of those with master degrees or above by nearly 100%. Pioneering entrepreneurs attracted to SIP have set up 7,627 civilian-run enterprises of all kinds with a total of 20 billion yuan RMB registered capital, in which some 700 enterprises are run by over 1,000 returned scholars from overseas. The measures taken by SIP government to attract high-level talents and to encourage pioneering efforts to set up enterprises have yielded fruitful results in recent years.

Monthly salary for university graduate starts with 2,701 yuan RMB.
Statistics show that the wage level in SIP is being raised at relatively low margin in the recent two years. According to the investigations conducted by SIP Wage Steering Council among 67 enterprises with registered capital of US$ 5 million and workforce of over 100 each, there was an increase of average wage by 2.62% in 2004, which is 4% less than the increase of the previous year. The average wage of managerial staff of senior and intermediate levels increased by 8.1%, whereas that of ordinary managerial staff increased by1.2%, and that of ordinary workers increased by 2.1%, which is 3.73 less than the increase of the previous year. Statistics also indicate that university graduates employed for the first time are receiving average salary thus: 4,221 yuan RMB for those with master degrees or above, 2,701 yuan RMB for bachelor degrees, 1,697 yuan RMB for secondary college graduates, and 1,196 yuan RMB for graduates of technical schools. As compared with the previous year, the wages of those with master degrees or above dropped by 10%, and those of senior middle schools and secondary technical schools dropped by 3%. Taken as a whole, the wage increase for SIP employees has slowed down in recent two years.

Daily increase of 200 employees of various levels.
Statistics show that over 50 HR agencies operating in SIP are introducing 200 applicants of all kinds, and the ratio of "supply and demand" is 3:1. The overall increase of HR volume stays at 36% annually, but in the recent two years the increase reached 50%. The same increase rate is expected this year. An increase of 60,000 employees is predicted for this year, making the total 180,000 in the China-Singapore cooperation area. For the whole of SIP, this year will see an increase of 100,000 employees. In face of the fast-growing HR situation, SIP is playing an increasingly important and market-driven role in the introduction and distribution of talents.

Oct. 26, 2005

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