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State Councilor Hua Jianmin Inspects SIP

On Oct. 26, Hua Jianmin, State Councilor and Secretary General of the State Councilor who was attending Symposium on Population and Development and International Assistance in Suzhou, inspected Suzhou Industrial Park, accompanied by Li Chaoyuan, Secretary of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Governor Liang Baohua, Zhao Shaoling, Member of Standing Committee and Secretary General of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and Wang Rong, Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee.

State Councilor Hua Jianmin visits the SIP International Technological Park, accompanied
by provincial Party secretary Li Chaoyuan and Governor Liang Baohua

In SIP, Hua Jianmin and his entourage visited International Technological Park, Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone, and the Exhibition on Ten Years' Achievements of SIP.

The International Technological Park, started in April 2000, is geared to the two major industries of software and integrated circuits according to the functional requirements of national-level software park and international technology interprise incubator. The International Technological Park was designated by Ministry of Science and Technology on different occasions as "incubator of technological enterprises", national-level "software park", and "software industrial base of national torch plan", and appointed by Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League as "Demonstration Base for Technological Innovation by Chinese Youth". As Hua Jianmin rounded through the exhibition hall, he asked in detail about the operation of the technological park and the situation with intellectual property rights, and when he learned that 70% of the staff there had doctorate education background and most of them had experience in enterprises or industrialization in Beijing or overseas, he said that talents were a key in the innovation of technology, knowledge, and fostering of intellectual property rights, and we should not only attract talents but put their knowledge into full play.

Dushu Lake Higher Education Zone has two major roles: a base of higher education to train qualified personnel for the economic and social progress in Suzhou, and a research and development base to give intellectual backups for the growth and innovation of science and technology in Suzhou. A striking feature of the zone is the combination of the Chinese and foreign, and the integration of learning, production, and research with emphasis on technology. By adapting the successful experience of China and abroad, the zone adoptss the urban planning of shared facilities and overlapping school campuses. Hua Jianmin listened to the introduction attentively, and visited the modern library, asking questions all the way: "How many students have entered the campuses?" "How many key labs have been built?" "What academic programs have been set up?" He also asked about the annual expenses for a student, and when the answer was something around 16,000 yuan RMB, he counted that a student needs to spend 64,000 yuan for the 4-year period at the university, and if the student earned a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, he could get the investment back within 2 two years. Hua said that in order all the students could find suitable jobs, it was important to set the curriculum to suit the needs of the market and run the schools with unique characteristics. He emphasized that good teachers would turn out good students, and the communication between the teachers and students must be improved, and that the labs should be linked with major projects and concentrate on certain projects urgently demanded by the country so that the limited resources of land and funds were put to best use.

The group led by Hua Jianmin then came to the Lake-viewing Tower by Jinji Lake, where he saw the "Exhibition of Ten Years' achievements of SIP", which outlined the brief history of the construction of Suzhou Industrial Park. He was delighted to learn that great improvements had been made in social welfare and people's standard of living along with the economic growth. He told the hosts that the interest of the people must always be borne in mind and our guiding principle was to rely on science in economic development.

Oct. 27, 2005

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