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2005 HR Information Released in SIP

Personnel managers of over 300 SIP enterprises gathered in Century Hall of International Building, SIP, on the morning of Oct. 20 for the annual HR information release by Sipac. Gu Yukun, Member of SIP Party Working Committee and Director of Organization and Personnel Bureau, gave a full account of the regional economic development, marketing for foreign investment, construction of major engineering projects, and development of social undertakings, with emphasis on the status quo of SIP human resources, the work done by the government and enterprises in HR development, and work plans for the next period. The personnel managers present felt amply rewarded by the info-loaded 1-hour report from the SIP government.

SIP Organization and Personnel Bureau is the leading administrative organ for HR management with the function to develop human resources and to build the team of HR workers. The communication between the bureau and SIP enterprises is an important guarantee for the development of human resources, and since 2003, Sipac has been holding such information release as a pro-business measure to push forward the development of human resources through sharing information and mutual understanding and support. 

Only two days ago, the bureau had invited the general managers of over 51 enterprises in SIP for a discussion and outlined the similar information to them, and assured the GMs that SIP government would continue to provide powerful HR support for the economic development of the region.

Oct. 21, 2005

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