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Lu Yongxiang Inspects Key Projects of China Academy of Sciences in Suzhou

On Oct. 19, during the 28th International Council of Science Union, Lu Yongxiang, Vice-chairman of Standing Committee of National People's Congress and President of China Academy of Sciences, and his entourage inspected Suzhou Hi-tech District and Suzhou Industrial Park  and made special visit to the major projects of cooperation between the Academy and Suzhou. He expressed satisfaction over the results of the projects and encouraged research staffs "to build a platform of innovative technology and a bridge of knowledge-based service."

Accompanied by Zhao Long, Vice-chairman of Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress, Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, and Zhao Junsheng, Deputy Mayor of Suzhou, visited Xingheng Power Source Co., Ltd. in SND, Zhongke Namotech Industrial Base, and Zhongke IC Designing Center in SIP, Which were cooperative projects under successful implementation in the recent two years.  

Suzhou Xingheng Power Source Co., Ltd., a venture of 80 million yuan RMB jointly invested by Physics Research Institute of China Academy of Sciences, Lenovo Holdings, and Chengdu Di'ao Group, is engaged chiefly in the industrialization of Lithium power battery application – the national plan No. 863. At present, it is manufacturing bicycle batteries for Tiandi, Giant, and Gazelle brands, and plans to develop and produce lithium batteries for electric sedan cars of Shanghai Volkswagen in 2006. Lu Yongxiang gave high appraisal to these results.

In the Zhongke Nanotech Industrial Base, the high-spirited Lu Yongxiang wrote the inscription "Develop nanotech to open up broad market" to encourage wider civil application of nanotech.

Supported by Chemistry Research Institute and Metal Research Institute of China Academy of Sciences and staffed with experts and researchers in the field of nanometer materials from the Academy, Zhongke Nanotech Industrial Base is internationally advanced in the technology of nanometer functional material research. A total investment of 450 million yuan RMB, the Base will be built into 7 experiment and production zones of nanometer hi-tech industries. Those already completed are Zhongke Nanotech paint technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou Zhongke Nanotech High Elastic Material Co., Ltd., and Zhongke Bosden Nanometer Garment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. While oriented towards manufacturing of hi-tech nanometer products as the only industrial base of China Academy of Sciences for nanotech industrialization, the Base spares no efforts in conducting new nanotech industrial projects in order to form a nanotech industrial park with integration of experimentation, production, and business operation. The establishment of Zhongke Post-doctorate Work Station in June 2004 marked an important step in advancing from theoretical research to practical application. Suzhou Zhongke Nanotech Station will mainly cooperate with Metal Research Institute of the Academy in development of special nanotech-condensed compound paint.

Zhongke Integrated Circuit Designing Center, jointly set up by Computer Institute of China Academy of Sciences and Suzhou as a public technological service platform, is working on the projects of "Jiangsu IC Productivity Promotion Center” and “Provincial IC Test Laboratory". The Longxin CUP chip application project of Jiangsu Menglan Group has been listed as major provincial project of “turning technological research into production” with special government allocation of fund, and it is predicted that the annual sales may hit 900 million yuan RMB after commencement of production.

Lu Yongxiang pointd out during his inspection that the cooperation between Suzhou and China Academy of Sciences has borne fruitful results, and that Suzhou had found a new approach to apply the innovative results of the Academy, to realize industrialization of major results of scientific research. He expressed gratitude for the efforts of the local government, enterprises, and scientific researchers, and hoped that they would play the consistent role of bridges and ties in serving the local economic construction, always maintaining frontline positions in the global science and technology and displaying capabilities of innovation on their own initiatives.

Oct. 20, 2005

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