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Liang Baohua Inspects Suzhou Singapore International School

Liang Baohua, Governor of Jiangsu Province, inspected Suzhou Singapore International School in Suzhou Industrial Park after attending the opening ceremony of eMEX on Oct. 19.

Because of the vigorous growth of export-oriented economy and fast increase of foreign-invested enterprises in Suzhou, many overseas expatriates have moved their families to Suzhou, and there is a demand of education for their children. Suzhou Singapore International School was set up in 1996 by CSSD with the aim to provide high-quality international education for the children of overseas expatriates. There are currently 1,000-odd students from 26 countries at the school, and the teaching staff is made up of over 100 teachers from 12 countries.

Governor made a round of the classrooms, stadium, and canteen of the school, and had cordial talks with the principle and teachers. Lan Jiang, Principle from Britain and experienced in running schools in many countries, said, "I have worked at the school for three years, and my colleagues and I all like the place although I never thought of working here in Suzhou before. The people of Suzhou are friendly and supportive, and have offered us very good environment of teaching. Liang was pleased to learn that the school, as a member of international certificate organization, provided education from kindergarten to senior high school and foundation course for universities, and that the first batch of graduates this year had all been enrolled at universities in the various countries. Liang told the teachers, “Every family desires good education for their kids, and since you are an international school, your education must be well integrated with international standards so that the parents will have no worry about the quality of your education. The principle and teachers are key factors in running a good school, and I hope your school will achieve better results each year to contribute to the development of Jiangsu Province and the external-oriented economy in particular!"

Oct. 20, 2005

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