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The Largest Agricultural Products Trading Center in Loufeng Opens Business

The largest agricultural products trading center in Loufeng Township recently started business. This 7,800 square meters market place in New Xiatang, an investment of over 10 million yuan RMB, provide 280 fixed stands, 60 temporary stands, and 128 shops, which make it easy for inhabitants resettled from East Loufeng District to do shopping of vegetables and foods, and add more incentives for the growth of service industry in the township.

The new marketplace took only some 70 days to build as a priority project of Loufeng Township government. The thousand varieties of agricultural products range from all sorts of vegetables and fruits to non-staple food, aquatic products, and daily necessities, which greatly improve the quality of life in the newly erected residential areas.

Oct. 14, 2005

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