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New Suzhou International Hotel Changes Name

A year ago, the real estate giant Laiyinda Group became the focus of attention by beating the 6 rivals in public bidding and taking over the ownership of New Suzhou International Hotel and the land parcel next to it for development.

On Oct. 13, amidst the roaring of pile driving for Phase-2 expansion of the hotel, a signboard bearing "Crown Plaza-Suzhou" was erected on top of the main building of the former New Suzhou International Hotel. A 5-star hotel in alliance with the second largest hotel management group of the world, Crown Plaza-Suzhou is faced with a new opportunity of development.

After New Suzhou Hotel changed hands, it invited the name brand Inter-continental Hotel Management Group to take over the management, while planning its Phase-2 expansion on the northern flank of the old wing. The new wing under construction, 8 stories above ground with a 2-story basement totaling 60,000 square meters, is designed in the shape of a ship anchored by Jinji Lake in contrast with the existing traditional Chinese style of the hotel.

The project of the new wing is planned to complete by the end of 2006, and added to the hotel will not only be 400 rooms by then, but more functional facilities such as convention and exhibition center, large-scale entertainment center by international standard, water-borne music bar, and restaurants of various cuisines, fitness gym, and leisure activity areas.

Notably, the hotel will become the first of its kind with VIP yacht in the province upon its completion, thanks to its advantageous location by the Jinji Lake.

Oct. 14, 2005

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