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Foreign-invested Enterprises Support Scholarships for "Future Senior Blue Collars"


SIP Vocational Technology Institute held an inauguration ceremony for the newly-enrolled students of the year 2005. At the ceremony, 173 students and 15 teachers were given scholarships totaling RMB 421,500 yuan from the funds appropriated from 20-odd foreign-funded and domestic enterprises in SIP, including Solectron, Nokia, Samsung, as well as from the scholarship fund of the school.

Since the founding of SIP Vocational Technology Institute, many enterprises have recruited the "senior blue collars" from among the graduates of the school to their satisfaction, thanks to the practical and well-oriented technical training given to the students during schooling. These enterprises, in return, have kept providing scholarship funds for future graduates, and among the 20 enterprises are a number of Fortune 500 and well-known corporations such as AMD, Bosch, Philips, Nokia, and BanQ.

Oct. 10, 2005


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