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Wu Ruilin Meets Guests from Singapore

On the evening of Sept. 27, Wu Ruilin, Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province, met Chia Chung Mun, director of Software Office of Singapore, and his entourage in Nanjing and had a cordial talk with them.

Wu Ruilin welcomed the Singaporean guests for their visit to Jiangsu, and said that China and Singapore had developing good relations in the economic globalization, and their economic and trade cooperation was gathering powerful momentum. Suzhou Industrial Park has become exemplary of the cooperation between the two countries, and the rational and scientific planning and experience in public administration in Singapore is worthwhile for us to learn and adapt to our specific conditions. Jiangsu Province has always attached great importance to the friendship and cooperation between China and Singapore, and will continue to support the development and construction of Suzhou Industrial Park.

Chia Chung Mun expressed thanks for the welcome accorded him by the vice governor and said that Jiangsu Province is where Singapore has made the most significant investment in China, and Suzhou Industrial Park has shown a good trend of development. He hoped that the good cooperation between the two sides would be strengthened to build a better SIP.
Responsible members of provincial departments concerned also attended the meeting.

Sept. 28, 2005

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