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TV Projection Media to Be Applied in eMEX for the First Time

20-odd days away will be the opening ceremony of eMEX by the beautiful Jinji Lake. By then, the morning of Oct. 19, visitors will see for the first time at eMEX what is called "flying screen" over the sky, in two balloons 7 meters in diameter, a spectacular scene that adds a sense of novelty to the IT event.


The "flying screen" is a new technology in TV projection media introduced from Germany, and the only projection media for commercial ad operation in the world that can be floated in the air. The screen is composed of a huge balloon and a super-large LCD screen with advertising images and hi-fi sound quality. This unique media with powerful visual impact on the spectators is at present only used in music performances and professional expositions abroad, and in China, it has appeared previously only Beijing and Shenzhen.

The annual event of eMEX presents something new each time. The coming eMEX, apart from exhibitions, will organized "enterprise forums", "citizens day", "exuberant eMEX night", and other activities. There will be as many as 16 forums with participation of exhibiting enterprises and well-known domestic IT enterprises. Besides, the organizer has planned a talent recruitment fair on the second floor of the expo center, with over 200 stands in over 5,000 square meters, and the anticipated applicants may number over 10,000, so that a new platform is set up at eMEX for talents and personnel exchange besides those on exhibition, technological exchanges, and sales.

At the recent allied preparatory meeting, Zhou Weiqiang, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Suzhou Committee and Vice Mayor, called on all departments concerned to go all out in carrying out their duties in preparations, do a good job in reception and publicity, and make the event a full success.

Sept. 27, 2005

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