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"SIP Pipeline Information System" Wins National Silver Award

As was revealed in the final results of Evaluation on "2005 Excellent GIS Application Projects" by experts' committee, sponsored by New and HI-tech Industrialization Corporation under Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and Land Survey Department under National Topography and Survey Bureau, and conducted by China Geographical Information System Association, a silver prize of GIS excellent application project was awarded to "Suzhou Industrial Park Pipeline Information System", developed by Suzhou Lianchuang Graphic Software Co., Ltd. and SIP Surveying Center under consignment of SIP Planning and Construction Bureau. Previously, the project had been authenticated as a new and hi-tech product of Suzhou and had won the prize of "scientific and technological progress" in Suzhou.

"SIP Pipeline Information System", built with the technologies of GIS, CAD, network, database, etc., is a management tool for all information on pipelines of all categories and stages in SIP in an all-round, accurate, prompt, and effective manner. As the basis for the information platform of planning and construction, it provides basic information for assessment and approval of projects, and for planning, construction, marketing, and pipeline management departments.


The system exercises control over the information on the whole process of planning, examination and approval, and completion of construction. An indispensable working platform for the day-to-day routine of departments of planning and construction, it is also a part of the information system of SIP planning and construction, which make full use of the original resources while reserving interfaces for relevant systems to realized shared information and to standardize the series of operations in database renewal.

Since its operation in 2001, there has been rapid increase in the number of users and the capacity of the database. The total distance of pipelines under management increased from 500 to 910 kilometers, pipelines under assessment and approval increased from 0 to 2,300 kilometers, and the data concerning pipelines in comprehensive planning increased from 0 to 1,300 kilometers. The multi-proportion topographical diagrams extended from 250 to 280 square kilometers, satellite and aerial images from 0 to 500 kilometers. The users increased from the original 10 to 70. The sustained highly efficient operation of the system is playing am important role in providing technical guarantee for the development and construction of SIP.

Sept. 22, 2005

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