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Suzhou Microsoft Allied Lab Set Up in SIP Technology Park

A few days ago, Suzhou Software Test Center (concurrently "Suzhou Sub-center of Jiangsu Software Test Center" and "SIP International Technology Park Software Test Center (Suzhou Software Park)" and Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on cooperation, by which the first step is to set up an allied laboratory inside the International Technology Park to provide a laboratory environment for bring users of Microsoft technology or those interested, or technicians of software industry, to direct contact with Microsoft technology and products. The laboratory contains equipped with audio-visual training rooms for periodical technical seminars on advanced technology and concepts of Microsoft given by experts from Microsoft.

Experts on VSTS were sent specially by Microsoft to lecture on basic configuration and operation of "Visual Studio Team System 2005" on Sept. 6 and 7. The unique virtual environment technology of Microsoft and the latest edition of Visual Studio 2005 System were used in the course of training, and demonstrations made on the operation interfaces and work flows in various stages of software development (such as those for frame designers, programmers, software test technicians, and project managers). The trainees were also guided to deeper understanding by conducting experiments on their own.

The first trainees at the laboratory came from among project managers of multinational software development companies, those of the international technology park, the software development technicians of Suzhou Telecommunications Company, technicians from noted software integration companies of the province, and test engineers of the center. They were all impressed by the way the Microsoft experts explained things with illustrations with words and diagrams, and the chance of operating by themselves. The Softeware Test Center and Microsoft Company will organize regular technical trainings, seminars, and a series of technical saloons, and make them a platform for dissemination and exchange of new knowledge and technologies among IT professionals of Suzhou.

Sept. 21, 2005

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