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Another 12 Provincial New and Hi-tech Enterprises Certified in SIP

Pursuant to No.279 Circular of Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology , the 16th batch of new and high technology enterprises of Jiangsu Province (first bunch of 2005) are announced. In the total of 49 enterprises approved for Suzhou Municipality, 12 come from Suzhou Industrial Park, which make up 24% of those in Suzhou, 9 from Changshu, 7 from Kunshan, 6 from Wujiang, 5 from Zhangjiagang, 5 from SND, and 3 from Xiangcheng District. Now altogether 86 enterprises from Suzhou are on the list of provincial-level new and hi-tech enterprises.

The twelve SIP enterprises on the list of the 16th batch are:

1. Avision Precision Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
2. Suzhou Kaiyuan Minsheng Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Suzhou Allied Venture Technology Co., Ltd.
4. Suzhou Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
5. Suzhou Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd.
6. Sumitomo Bakelite (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
7. Veuvis Ceramics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
8. Suzhou Century Chenguang Network Technology Co., Ltd.
9. SIP Mingzhi Foundry Equipment Co., Ltd.
10. Samsung Semiconductor (China) R&D Co., Ltd.
11. SIP Longsheng Electric Units Mft. Co., Ltd.
12. SIP Mycolor Printing Board Co., Ltd.

Sept. 15, 2005

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