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SIP Expatriate Women Enjoy Knitting Class

A short training course on woolen hand knitting was organized at Multifunction Hall, 3/F, SIP Lake West Neighborhood Working Committee on Sept. 15 morning, jointly by SIP Bureau of Social Undertaking, SIP Lake West Neighborhood Working Committee, and SIP Expatriate Women's Friendship Association. Over 20 expatriate ladies from the US, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia attended the class.

Knitting is a popular traditional handicraft in many countries of the world. The class was given by professional instructors from the municipal women's federation, and the trainees were provided with woolen threads and knitting rods. The women at training, mostly beginners at this craft, studied the skill in high spirits in a lively class atmosphere, and kept asking for assistance and coaching. 

In the short period of class, the women learned some rudiments of knitting, and the sponsors will resume the class in future activities, and hoped that more expatriate women in the SIP would participate in such activities. The SIP Expatriate Women's Friendship Association is being made into a platform through which to make more friends among the women of various countries so that they and their families will lead a happy and pleasant life in SIP.

Sept. 16, 2005

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