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Fancy Lanterns and Splendid Firework to Adorn Full Moon Over Jinji Lake

Suzhou-style court lanterns excel in shape, diversity, and workmanshiop. With the mid-autumn Moon Festival approaching, over 600 elaborate, fanciful "Suzhou-style court lanterns" are being displayed along Zuo'An Business Street (or "restaurant street") in SIP, which form 20 thematic units such as the cartoon-like "twelve year animals", "facial masks of Beijing Opera", and "double dragons frolicking with magic pearl", etc. The most spectacular of all is the grand-scale "nine-dragon wall", which is to add a predominant decorative touch to the street on the night of the festival.

The 3-dimensional lake-side stage for festival soiree captures the theme of "Bright Moon Over Lake"

SIP is to organize a grand Mid-autumn Festival Party at Modern Holiday Square on the eastern shore of Jinji Lake on the evening of Sept. 17. The setting for the soiree combines the unique ecological feature of Jinji Lake with artistic decorations of the stage and the 5,000-sq.m. audience area.

The annual firework to mark the Moon Festival.

The firework display this year, the climax of the festival party, is going to be the largest-scale and the most spectacular show with the greatest density ever seen in the history of Suzhou. Meticulously designed by Suzhou Starlight Artistic Firework Company, the whole process of firework will last for twelve minutes, consisting a 2-minute prelude and 10-minute climatic launching of 120,000 shots of multifarious patterns of firework. The artistically conceived sequences will appear from all angles and at water-surface, low, medium, and high levels to make the sky glistening with golden beams throughout the show.

Sept. 15, 2005

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