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Provincial Circuit Test Service Center Located in SIP  

The construction project of "Jiangsu Provincial Integrated Circuit Test Service Center", the only one of its kind within the province implemented by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology, was rewarded to Suzhou Zhong Ke Integrated Circuit Designing Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) in SIP International Technology Park through public bidding, along with financial support of 3 million RMB from the bureau.

Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Science and Technology recently presided over a meeting of technical committee at the Center, attended by 14 experts from Computer Institute of China Academy of Sciences, Beijing University, Southeast University, Soochow University, the provincial bureau of science and technology, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, SIP Bureau of Science and Technology. Following the welcome speech by the leader of Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the provincial bureau announced the formal establishment of "Jiangsu Provincial Integrated Circuit Test Service Center", and   issued certificates of honorary consultants to the experts present.   











The meeting paved the way for successful operation of the test service center by reaching consensus on the main contents, master plan, and structural layout of the project. It is believed to have laid a solid foundation for further development of IC industry in Jiangsu Province."Jiangsu Provincial IC Test Service Center", a major cooperation project between Computer Technology Institute of China Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Bureau of Science and Technology, will take full advantage of the technical strength of the former and the support of the latter, to provide testing service for IC enterprises in Jiangsu and the Yangtze delta region.  

"Jiangsu Provincial IC Test Service Center" operates on a test ground of 600 square meters equipped with super-large digital circuits, SoC, high-frequency circuits, RF circuits, and other specialized instruments. In its first phase, 10 million RMB is invested jointly by the provincial bureau, the municipal bureau, SIP Bureau for Scientific and Technological Development, and Suzhou Zhong Ke IC Designing Center. In cooperation with China Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, and Soochow University and with the coordination of enterprises of IC industry, the center will build 3 test laboratories and 3 allied laboratories by sharing the IC test equipment in the whole area to reduce cost. The center will finally achieve an ultra-high speed IC testing environment including 10 million SoC system testing capacity and 1Ghz500 logical circuit testing capacity. Upon its completion, the center will be able to offer testing service for IC designing enterprises in Jiangsu Province and Yangtze delta region, research and development units of universities,   

"Jiangsu Provincial IC Test Service Center" will operate in a neutralized open and cooperative manner. By the mechanism of cooperation, the center will fully utilized the existing resources of IC testing in the industry and save much cost in procuring large-scale equipment. The center will play an important part in building SIP into an internationally advanced IC designing and manufacturing base and in accelerating the development of IC industry of the province, and as such, SIP has initially formed a service system in technology, market, and investment capital in IC industry.

Sept. 14, 2005

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