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SIP to Release Human Resource Index

SIP Human Resource Development Co., Ltd. is now embarked on the research and development project of index system of supply and demand of human resources in SIP, with the assistance of project team led by doctors and professors of economy from China People's University. In the near future, both applicants and employers will be promptly informed of the demands and availability of technical personnel of all fields and the whereabouts of all applicants through the index on the websites of SIP government and HR Company. Such a scheme is said to be the first in China.

Under the impact of the ever-increasing demands in SIP for human resources, and the job appeal in SIP to the labor force in the surrounding regions, the supply of human resources has long gone beyond the boundaries of SIP, and the gathering of talents in SIP is becoming a national, or even worldwide, phenomenon. The establishment of human resource index system will effectively reflect the changes and laws of SIP human resource demand and availability.

The system under deliberation will divide the supply index into items of general supply volume, structure, supply expectancy, and application confidence. The structure index is further broken down into sex, age, education background, expertise, origin, employment status, and urgently needed jobs. The expectancy index will include industries, enterprises, enterprise scales, occupations, and salaries.

The whole index system is based upon the data of SIP HR website, including the 80,000 applicants' resumes submitted since 2003, the visits to technical personnel and labor recruitment fairs since 2002, and employees recruited from various schools every year and their information on "sex, age, education, profession, residence status, and current status quo", etc. Questionnaires, and quantitative and analytical tools are used to build the "index system" for an all-round, scientific reflection of the relationships between supply and demand of human resources.

According to Kang Yue, Vice Director of SIP Labor and Social Security Bureau, the supply index is already in the process of trial use, and the demand index will be launched next year. When conditions are ripe after a period of operation with technical support, the system will eventually be released to the whole country.

Sept. 10, 2005

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