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Support and Preparations Stepped up for Opening of SIP Kowloon Hospital

Last-minute efforts are being mobilized by SIP departments concerned to ensure opening of Kowloon Hospital, the first joint-venture hospital in SIP, in late November this year.

In the 18-month construction period, under the coordination of SIP government departments, Kowloon Hospital created a record speed in hospital construction in China: in obtaining approval from Ministry of Public Health, in selecting and planning of site, and in completing the 138,000-sq.m. capital construction and installation, all in the shortest time possible.

Inspired by the favorable investment climate and efficient, quality service of the government, Hen Sung Exp. & Exp. Trading Company, the investor of the hospital, has kept expanding the investment scale of the hospital. The originally planned investment of 300 million RMB has been increased to 500 million RMB, and in addition, the company signed an agreement with Siemens to introduced large-sized medical equipment of 7 million USD value into the hospital, which put the hospital on top of the list in East China in terms of medical facilities.

Recruitment of medical staff has been going on during the construction period, and so far, all the leading personnel and technicians for major departments have been appointed.

SIP Bureau of Social Undertakings, as official administrative organ of public health, has played the role of main coordinator in ensuring smooth work in the import of large-scale equipment, the recruitment of technical staff, registration of medical qualifications, and customs clearance, etc. At present, the technicians are all in place for pre-service training.

The SIP Customs also overcame the challenge to open channels for entry of sophisticated, advanced precision equipment by policy coordination and simplification of procedures. Skilled customs officials were dispatched to the spot to handle import formalities. Now, 90% of the medical equipment has been installed.

Support also came from municipal departments concerned. To meet the demands for blood, the central blood bank of Suzhou Red Cross has decided to set up a sub-center of the blood bank to guarantee supply of blood for Kowloon Hospital and the surrounding regions of eastern

Suzhou.Sept. 13, 2005

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