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Wang Rong Meets Tony Tan and Other Guest from Singapore

On Sept. 7, Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, met Tony Tan, Chairman of GIC Special Investment of Singapore, and his entourage.

Tony Tan, the former minister of defense and security of Singapore , made his first visit to Suzhou in 1998. This time, he was deeply impressed with the development of Suzhou Industrial Park. Wang Rong expressed warm welcome to Mr. Tan and his entourage, and told him that SIP had witnessed the fastest growth since 1998 under the cooperation of China and Singapore. The fast growth of SIP is a typically exemplary of the achievement of China's opening up and the success of the cooperation between the two countries. Wang also emphasized that the warm support of Singapore contributed significantly to the success of Suzhou Industrial Park.

Wang Rong pointed out that, while maintaining speedy development of industry, more efforts will be made to accelerate the modern service industries like logistics, commerce and trade. "In the surrounding areas of Jinji Lake, it is planned to build business centers, commercial and trade centers, modern urban service centers. In learning from the experience of Singapore, we have adapted the new concept of service industry from Singapore, such as the neighborhood centers." Wang believed that the modern service sector would offer an extensive area for cooperation between Suzhou and Singapore. He hoped that Singapore would continue to support SIP and the whole of Suzhou in technology and research and development, and create more opportunities of mutual learning and cooperation.

Tony Tan, in giving high appraisal on the development of SIP and Suzhou, said that SIP was a classic example of the cooperation between the governments of China and Singapore, and that Singapore was paying great attention to the projects in SIP, not only the investment, but the "transfer of software". So far, the delegation of the Board of GIC Special Investment of Singapore headed by Tony Tan has made surveys in Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou, and was very impressed with the investment climate in China. He hoped that there would be appropriate opportunities of investment and cooperation in Suzhou and other parts of China. He expressed firm conviction that the success of SIP paved the way for cooperation between more enterprises of China and Singapore with even brighter prospect.

Tony Tan and his delegation is planning to make on-spot surveys in He Jian Technology, L'oreal, and other enterprises in SIP.

Sept. 8, 2005

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