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SIPAEFI Members Enchanted by Kunqu Opera Presentation

On the afternoon of Sept. 2, a group of members of SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and their families attended a presentation of Kunqu Opera art at Qinlan Hall in downtown Suzhou to experience the charm of the "ancestor of all traditional Chinese operas".

Kunqu Opera is listed by UNESCO as one of the first "intangible heritages of humanity" for its special artistic value. In the presentation and appreciation of this ancient theatrical art, the members of SIPAEFI and their families showed keen interest in the general introduction to the history and special features of the opera, given by Lu Fuhai, famous artist of Kunqu Opera, accompanied by demonstration of the elaborate make-up, expressive stage properties, quaint music, and refined costume.

The presentation is brought to climax by the stage performance of excepts from the new Kunqu Opera "the Peony Pavilion" and "Dream of Fantasy". The foreign expatriates present were deeply moved by the acting without feeling the barrier of language. An interactive exchange between the audience and actors followed the performance and photos were taken for mementos.

The activity organized by SIPAEFI only provided an opportunity of exchange and leisure, but is part of the effort to publicize this increasingly popular art form and introduce the common cultural heritage of mankind to the whole world. The association plans to organize an "interest group" of Kunqu Opera by inviting the artists of Suzhou Kunqu Theatre as instructors, and the members of the association warmly reponded to this initiative.

Sept. 6, 2005

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