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Well-known Enterprises Gather in "Manufacturing Week" in Suzhou

Suzhou, a fast-growing manufacturing center of the country, was chosen as the venue for the 1st "Manufacturing Week" in China, which was started Sept. 5 and will last for 5 days in Suzhou. More than 20 domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises met to tackle  the issue of how to advance towards "outstanding manufacturing" alongside concern for manufacturing industry in China, and Suzhou in particular.

"Outstanding manufacturing" is a definition for better quality manufacturing with optimum combination of better quality, lower cost, efficient logistics, and effective enterprise management. Experts in the industry hold that though China has become a motive force in the economic growth in China and the Asian Pacific Region, it has a long way to travel towards "outstanding manufacturing". The current activity, in forms of summit symposium, training, exhibition, factory tours, and dialogues, was attended by representatives of over 20 well-known manufacturing enterprises such as Philips China, Andrew Telecommunications, Roxwell Automatic, Ford, Boeing China, Siemens Shanghai Medical Appliances, Emerson Electric, etc., among which Solectron, Black & Decker, Glaxo SmithKline and L’oreal are taken as exemplary cases of advanced manufacturing for field-trip surveys.

The current "Outstanding Manufacturing Week" was conducted by Jiepeishang Information Co. and Outstanding Manufacturing Service Center with the coordination of Suzhou Industrial Park. The activity will be held annually with more extensive coverage from the Yangtze delta region to central China and northwest China.

Sept. 6, 2005

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