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05' China Symposium on Integrated Circuit Industry Scheduled for December

"China Symposium on Integrated Circuit Industrial Development and the 8th Annual Conference of Integrated Circuit Branch of China Semiconductor Industrial Association" will be held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, from December 1st to 3rd, 2005. The conference is sponsored by China Semiconductor Industrial Association, organized by Integrated Circuit Branch of China Semiconductor Industrial Association, coordinated by Jiangsu Semiconductor Industrial Association, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, and Suzhou Integrated Circuit Industrial Association, and serviced by Shenzhen Yakexi Information Consultancy Co., Ltd. 

Suzhou Municipal People's Government has sent a letter of invitation to the sponsor and organizer of the conference, expressing welcome for the convening of the forthcoming conference in Suzhou, and assuring its positive support for the conference, which has laid the solid foundation for the success of the conference.

On November 30, 2005, the 4th General Assembly of China Semiconductor Industrial Association will be held simultaneously at the same site, and one of the items on the agenda will be to elect the council and leading body of the association. (Notice for the assembly will be given separately by China Semiconductor Industrial Association.)

The opening of the two conferences in Suzhou is an inspiring event for the semiconductor industry in China, as it is going to be a grand gathering of all the members of China Semiconductor Industrial Association, experts and scholars, factories, universities, and all the relevant enterprises and units on the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and a great platform to carry out technological exchanges, renew friendship, expand the market, and for mutual development. As a spur on the high-speed development of China’s semiconductor industry, it will also offer an extensive arena for the Yangtze River delta region to attract investors from among the major domestic and overseas semiconductor businesses and manufacturers.

In recent years, Suzhou has attracted investment from a great number of IC enterprises of international fame, and their presence in Suzhou has invigorated the growth of the local integrated circuit industry. The forthcoming conferences in Suzhou will doubtless give the leaders and experts concerned, and friends a better understanding of Suzhou, and be a motive force for the further development of Suzhou’s IT industries, and IC industry in particular.

The central theme of the conference will be: to summarize new experience in IC industrial development during "the 10th 5-year plan", to explore the new trends in micro-electronic industries in China, and to implement the new measures in developing semiconductor industry in China in the "11th 5-year plan".

The purpose of the conference is: To develop new and hot products to meet the market demand, and to aim at profit-making in smooth cooperation among enterprises.

September 2, 2005


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