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Delegation of Komintang Sinchu City Division Praises Achievements of SIP

On August 31, the first day of their visit to Suzhou, the members of Sinchu Komintang Delegation (Nationalist Party of China) visited Suzhou Industrial Park in the afternoon, and was met by Ma Minglong, Chairman of Sipac, who gave a briefing on SIP. Representatives from the business circles in the delegation all gave high praises for the achievements scored in the development of SIP in the past ten years.

Peng Zhengxiong, Secretary General of Sinchu Chamber of Commerce, said:"The visit is most worthwhile. We find many similarities between Suzhou Industrial Park and Sinchu Science-Based Park, and judging from the way SIP is developing, we believe there will be more opportunities of exchanges between the two cities. Many manufacturers from Sinchu have already invested here, and more investment is sure to come, and Suzhou will be seeing another upsurge of shift from Sinchu Science-Based Park."

Wu Shuqian, Deputy Head of the delegation who has closely following the economic and trade exchanges between the two sides of the Straits, spoke of his views: "It is a remarkable thing for Suzhou Industrial Park to gain such rapid development in a short span of ten years. I am very satisfied with the investment climate here, and I would like to try my investment here when the time comes because the geographical and environmental conditions are very similar to those of Sinchu. More than 400 enterprises from Sinchu are now operating in SIP, which is paramount to copying Taiwan’s early-stage mode of scientific research here. If all the research and development of new technologies is carried out here, Suzhou may expect to take the leading position in the world. I believe the day is sure to come."

Song Shuren, Vice-chairman of Sinchu Party Committee and Chairman of Taiwan Youth Chamber of Commerce, said: "The introduction by Chairman Ma Minglong gave us a clear idea of their future development mode and direction. We are most pleased to see such an excellent industrial park on further growth. After have made the on-spot survey of the industrial park, under the cooperation between the governments of China and Singapore, we believe it to be among the best in the world, and we are impressed with its insight for continued growth in the long run. Because SIP has made full use of the geographical advantage of being in the proximity of Shanghai, and the managerial expertise from Singapore, I am positive that the future SIP will be a very powerful industrial park under such advantageous environment." 

 August 31, 2005

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