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80 Teachers in SIP Awarded for Excellent Performance

600,000 yuan RMB was awarded to 80-odd teachers, school principles, model teachers of moral examples, and class instructors in Suzhou Industrial Park at SIP Conference on Education held yesterday. Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee, and Zhu Yongxin, Vice Mayor of Suzhou, attended the conference. According to report from the conference, the current proportion of special-grade teachers, celebrated teachers, school curriculum organizers, and skillful teachers in SIP is the highest in Jiangsu Province. A target was set at the conference that a contingent of such backbone teachers will be formed within 3 years.

SIP has been pursuing the strategy of giving priority to education and science in carrying out reform and development of education. A total of 30 billion yuan RMB has been invested in education in the last ten years. Efforts are being stepped up to transform the old schools and to the new. The overall standard of teaching in SIP is steadily improving, and a number of well-known schools have sprung up, such as Xing Hai School, Affiliated Middle School of Soochow University, Xin Cheng Primary School, etc. To attain the goal of high-quality modernization of education in SIP, Sipac has raised the requirements of deepening reform of education system, raising the quality of teaching, creating top-brand profile of schools, serving the regional growth, and training teaching staff. As a means of being the first to realized modernization of education, the 11th “5-year plan” of SIP demands that 100% admission rate must be maintained for kindergarten children 3 years before schooling age and for all students eligible for compulsory education, while the popularization rate of senior middle school education should be kept at over 98%, and college admission rate at about 70%, which is to say, these ratings will be the highest in the province and advanced in the country.

At yesterday's meeting, 13 SIP enterprises and individual, including, Ascendas, Zhong Yin Group, Andrew Telecommunications, and Zhou Weiqing, personage from Hong Kong, showed their support for education in SIP by contributing 1.01 million yuan RMB to the SIP Education

Award Fund.August 31, 2005

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