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SIP Recruitment Fair Scheduled for September

The 5th large-scale recruitment fair is scheduled for September 24 and 25 at SIP Human Resource Market in the form of "spot + networks" operation on multiple exchange platforms.

At the 2,000 square meters' recruitment hall of SIP Human Resource Market, applicants and employers will be able to discuss face to face without any barrier, and in the meantime, the influential human resource websites of Zhong Hua, Hangzhou, Wuxi New District, Nanjing, and SIP New Trunk Line will simultaneously offer a 2-week exchange platform for applicants and employers.

The forthcoming recruitment fair is directed towards the senior and intermediate-level applicants. Eligible for admission into the fair are the following four types of personnel: 1) Graduates of secondary college with no less than 3 years' working experience, 2) Graduates of 4-year universities with more than 2 years' working experience, 3) Those with senior or intermediate professional titles,  and 4) Postgraduates and returned students from overseas.

SIP Human Resource Market will accept reservation of admission tickets and open green channels for those applicants with adequate management expertise or competent technical background. The high-caliber applicants and those in urgent demand will be given free admission. "Innovation, professionalism, and sincerity" will be the keynote of the fair.

August 31, 2005

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