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SIP Claims the First Traffic Circuit Court in Jiangsu

The first traffic circuit court in Jiangsu province was inaugurated on the morning of August 25 at the site of Traffic and Patrol Police Detachment of Suzhou Industrial Park. That is to say, plaintiffs of all traffic accidents or disputes within the jurisdiction area of SIP can lodge lawsuits to the people's court at the police headquarters.

The circuit court, established through the cooperation of SIP People's Court and SIP Traffic and Patrol Police, has so far handled 6 cases of traffic accidents and claims, in which all the procedures, from litigation to investigation and court proceedings, were all carried out at the police headquarters, and those involved in the cases were relieved from the trouble of going back and forth. The circuit court is therefore much appreciated by the citizens.

According to regulations in "Law of Road and Traffic Safety", litigations can be lodged to the court when there is dispute over the claim in traffic accidents and injuries, but many problems may crop up in the actual summoning, mediation, and enforcement of decisions. With the circuit court in operation, the verbal or written litigation, under conditions for a civil case, can be immediately received and handled at the traffic police station, and the results of mediation or court decision are documented and delivered to the parties on the spot.

Another advantage is the circuit court is that all the evidences for the court proceedings are easily provided from the traffic police station, where the circuit court is located. The parties can also make appointments with the judges in lawsuit, hearing, or mediation at the court, thus reducing much cost and time on the part of the people involved. After the successful experimentation of such "trying cases on spot", this form of traffic court will gradually be opened up in other areas of Suzhou. 

August 26, 2005

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