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"Zhong Xing" Company Got Severe Penalty for Environment Law-breaking

On August 12, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Environment Protection announced administrative penalty on SIP Zhong Xing Waste Disposing Co., Ltd., which was to pay a fine of 200, 000 yuan RMB and was ordered to stop immediately its law-breaking acts. So far, the incident of pollution of Qizi Mountain Garbage Pit by dangerous matters, which has caused widespread public concern, was brought to a preliminary conclusion.

Following the occurrence of the pollution incident, the municipal environment law enforcement staff immediately conducted investigation on the offending company, SIP Zhong Xing Waste Disposing Co., Ltd., and verified the fact that the company, against the regulations in the business license, illegally collected dangerous wastes, such as pesticide bottles, mixed them with household garbage in disposition, and shipped them to Qizi Mountain to dump into the garbage pit there. The act, confirmed by the investigation record and relevant photos, is a clear violation of the regulations of "Law of Prevention and Treatment of Pollution by Solid Waste in the People's Republic of China", and constituted a law-breaking act.

A hearing was held on July 5 by the Environment Protection Bureau, which came out with 3 points of conclusion: 1) Zhong Xing Company caused the dangerous waste to spread at large without taking necessary measures, 2) The company carried out business activities with dangerous wastes in violation of the regulations of business license, and 3) the company acted without authorization to ship and transfer dangerous waste. After the hearing, the Environment Protection Bureau studied the statement of Zhong Xing Company and rejected its appeal for lessened penalty.

August 21, 2005

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