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SIP Becomes Biggest Circulation Base of Liquid Crystal Screens

After six months' trial operation of Bonded Logistic Center under unique advantage, Suzhou Industrial park has become the largest distribution base of liquid crystal screenls in China.

AU Optronics is the fastest-growing manufacturer of liquid crystal screens in the regional industry.

SIP Bonded Logistic Center (Type B), a brand-new form of logistic setup approved by General Customs Administration in May 2004, is presently in the course of trial operation. According to sources of Sipac, the bonded logistic center has so far attracted 15 logistic enterprises to register business operation in the center, and the service in the center has expanded from pure re-import of domestic goods to third-party logistic services. Logistics combined with trading in the center is conducted in the advantageous way that VAT and income tax are exempted between the buying and selling, which greatly facilitated the enterprises within SIP, especially the IT enterprises.

The laptop computer manufacturers in the vicinity enjoy the best advantage of the liquid crystal screen panel supply chain.

It is learned that about 10% of logistic cost can be saved for enterprises through the operation in the center. Nearly 400 enterprises from 16 provinces and municipalities under central administration are involved in the export and import from the center. Giving full play to the superior IT manufacturing base, the Bonded Logistic Center is attempting to create specialized logistic distribution centers. The leading manufacturers of liquid crystal screen manufacturers of the world, including Samsung, LG, AU Optronics, and Hitachi, as well as their accessory suppliers, have all placed their business operation here. The largest circulation base for liquid crystal screens in East China, and the whole of China, is initially taking shape in SIP.

August 15, 2005

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