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New-type Lithium Battery Technology in SIP

Valence Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., wholly owned by US Valence Technology, was recently registered in SIP. The company will be devoted to the research and development of materials for safety lithium ion battery, the production of the battery, and the assembly and sales of the battery by applying the internationally advanced safety lithium ion battery technology to expand its industrial power-type battery market.

Valence Technology, a leader in the R&D and production of Saphion and lithium battery in the world, possesses a series of patent technology worldwide. In China, Valence has invested two plants in Suzhou, Valence Energy-Tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Valence Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and a R&D Center in Shanghai.

The Superior Saphion technological makes it applicable not only in the traditional consumption and computer field, but also in the new market of industries and transportation. The use of phosphate in small scales in Saphion technology improves the safety of lithium battery and the stability of heat and chemical electrons, thus ensuring even wider application.

Valence introduced the N-Charge TM energy system in 2002, which added ten hours to the operation time of the laptop. Recently, Valence announced a large-sized K-Charge TM energy system that suits application in networks, vehicles, and public utilities industry. It is said that with the increasingly high demands on the energy density, performance, and environment-friendly qualities of the modern energy, there have been more demands on the series of large-sized battery products of the company than it could produce.

August 7, 2005

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