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Japanese Investors Maintain Confidence in Suzhou

Daikin Fluorin Chemical Products Manufacturing Base, the largest Japanese investment project in Changshu, successfully completed the construction in Phase One and Two, and is now in the Third Phase of construction. On August 1, Wang Rong, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, met Vice-president Guntaro Kawamura of Japanese Daikin Company and his group.

Wang told the guests that Suzhou is a highly open city, which has not lonely attracted Japanese enterprises, but also schools, restaurants, financial institutions, and tourist agencies from Japan. Wang hoped that more multinational companies like Daikin would come to invest in production bases in Suzhou. He pledged efficient service from government and adequate infrastructure support.

Daikin is a multinational enterprise actively involved in the fields of air conditioner, cooling systems, fluorin chemicals, electronics, and oil pressing machinery. Its air conditioning products range in over 5,000 products, in which the commercial air conditioners have always been in a dominant position at Japanese market. It is a large-scale enterprise at world level, which combines research, development, and production of air conditioner, cooling agent, and compressors. Besides the base in Changshu, Daikin has set up Daikin Electrical Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in SIP, engaged in the development and production of compressors for large-sized air conditioners, rare earth magnetic motors, and intelligent cooling devices and related products.

Having opened up three plants in Suzhou within three years, Ykk Company is planning to locate the central division of its building materials production in Suzhou. On August 1, Yan Li, Deputy Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Suzhou, met Mr. Tadahiro Yoshida, President of YKK Company, and his delegation at Lake View Restaurant.

YKK has established 3 factories in wholly-owned or joint-venture forms in SIP. In March 2002, it invested US$ 240 million to set up the YKK AP (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. aimed to develop, design, and manufacture new building material. The Phase-II workshops of 28, 435 square meters are now in operation. At the end of 2002, YKK invested US$ 8 million to establish YKK Precision Molding Machinery Co., Ltd. and expanded its Phase-II plant. In March 2004, YKK and Chinese Consortium of SIP jointly invested US$ 3.6 million to set up YKK AP Engineering Co., Ltd., chiefly devoted to the design and installation of metal doors and windows.

Yan Li expressed hearty welcome to President Tadahiro Yoshida on his study trip to Suzhou following the meeting of the Board of Directors of YKK (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, and said that the municipal government would support YKK’s investment projects in Suzhou as it did before. He wished faster and better development of YKK in Suzhou. Present at the meeting and banquet was Wang Jinhua, Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of SIP Party Working Committee.

August 2, 2005

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