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SIP Recruitment Campaign in Europe Makes Debut

To meet the needs for specialized personnel in the coming round of high growth of manufacturing industries and service sector, SIP Human Resource Surveying Group, following its successful recruitment activities in Australia, embarked on the 2005 promotion campaign for recruitment of talents in hi-tech and service sector in Europe, making London its first destination. The Recruitment meeting was held on August 2 with the assistance of Education Department of Chinese Embassy in London and the Executive Committee of Chinese Students' Federation in UK. 

Release at the recruitment meeting was the information on the 50-odd posts demanded by 27 foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned undertakings, scientific research institutes, and colleges in SIP, which were made available to the Chinese students at universities for academic degrees or at work in UK. The on-spot recruitment meeting was aimed to introduce into the manufacturing industries of SIP professional talents with international insight. The major recipients will be the Information Industry Park, International Technology Park, Modern Logistics Park, and Dushu Lake Advanced Learning Zone of SIP.

The 4-hour meeting and the lively follow-up discussion went on smoothly. Zhang Zongming and Xu Jingpei, first secretaries of Education Department of Chinese Embassy in London, attended the meeting and made speeches. The students, who previously applied on the Internet were strongly impressed by the world-wide reputation and high speed of development of SIP, introduced in the briefing. Questions and answers and extended free conversations after the meeting concerned issues of employment, future career, housing, and education of children, etc.

The work posts offered at the meeting were on the whole appropriate to the academic majors of the students, such as tourism management, communications engineering, medicine and pharmacology, finance, and business administration, etc. Over 60 copies of resumes were submitted on the spot and students from 8 British universities preferred a on-spot study of SIP to contact the enterprises directly about their career in SIP.

In the following week, the delegation will approach the students in Paris and Frankfurt to continue its recruitment campaign for the high or medium-caliber personnel needed in the in-depth development of SIP.

August 3, 2005

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