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SIP Association of Taiwan-invested Enterprises Established

Suzhou Industrial Park, as one of the regions with high density of foreign investment and first consideration for Taiwan investment, saw the establishment of SIP Branch of Suzhou Association of Taiwan-invested Enterprises with over 400 members. Zhou Weiqiang, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Deputy Mayor, and leading members of the Provincial Office for Taiwan Affairs attended the inauguration ceremony on July 30. Zhou delivered a speech of congratulations.

It is reported that SIP has attracted more than 2,000 enterprises with foreign investment, with US$ 14.5 billion registered capital, of which Taiwan enterprises consists with US$ 3 billion, about 1/5 of the total. Overseas expatriates from Taiwan working in SIP number over 2,200. Quite a few of the Taiwan-invested enterprises are of well-known brands with large scales and high content of technology related to a wide field of industries, some of them being star enterprises like He Jian, AU Optronics, United Win Technology, and Uniwill Computers. 6 out of the 400 enterprises have an investment of over US$ 100 million each. The Taiwan-invested enterprises in SIP cover a variety of fields such as integrated circuits designing, chip manufacturing, sealed testing, electronic information, precision machinery, and the service sector, which form a relatively complete industrial chain.

At the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Mayor Zhou expressed the hope that the association would play the role of bridge and tie in improving communication between the enterprises and the government in the service of the Taiwan investors, safeguard the legal rights of the members, carry out activities for the interest of the general public, and promote the healthy growth of the Taiwan-invested enterprises. He also encouraged the branch association to contribute to more exchanges between the industries and businesses of the Mainland and Taiwan, and to attract more investors from Taiwan.

July 31, 2005

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