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2 Million Visits to SPF Website in 2005

The website of SIP Provident Fund Management Center, since the launching of its upgraded new edition at the beginning of this year, has been visited over 2 million person/times by July 18 with favorable repercussions, averaging 10,00 visits daily.

A brand-new service platform for employers and individual members
Giving priority to the service of employees and individual members, the website publicizes the policies of SIP Provident Fund and renews its interactive contents at ever-increasing frequencies, offering a most practical service platform for participation in the insurance policies, learning the policies and regulations, and handling SPF Formalities.

Serving the participating enterprises
As the basis for SPF service, the monthly payment has been made much easier on the Internet for those in charge of PF matters in various enterprises. Before the payment, they can log on to the website, download the name list eligible for payment that month, and make a payment list. They can at any time check on the PF payment for any month if they key in the password of the enterprise, so that they are constantly informed of the deadline of payment and the remittance to the accounts.

Serving the individual members
Personal accounts are of great concern to all individual members, but previously, the members could only make inquiries about their accounts by dialing "168", and the results often showed discrepancy because they were updated only once a month.  The new website makes online inquiries possible for all members at any time and place (i.e., if they key in the use names and passwords), and the information on personal accounts, the latest with strict confidentiality, is updated once a week

Service counter completes all procedures just once
It used to be a cumbersome task for enterprises or individuals to complete the procedure of participation or withdrawals. More often than not, they had to make telephone inquiries about the procedures and then hurry to the "Center" to queue by crowded counter for the forms. In the new website, there is a procedure guide that gives detailed directions to the members on 15 items of service, with the nature of service, policy, procedure, and forms download. When the members get all the preparations done beforehand, they simply go to the center and complete whatever service they need at the counter just once.

There is also the column "Questions and Suggestions", in which the "Center" openly replies to inquires, suggestions, and clarifies doubts on the PF polices for the members. Depending on the circumstances, emails and phones are also used to answer the members' questions.

Publicity and training
The "Training" page of SPF website regularly published information on training with detailed breakdown about contents, time, topics, and those in charge of the work or even individuals can apply and register online for the training courses.

The website is supported by advanced computer network technology. By integrating the SPF's core management system with other application systems, the center has constructed a unified and standardized SPF information management system database to realize sharing of network resources. The frequent updating signals the start of real-time data transmission. An effective bridge of communication between the "Center" and SPF members has made the service more convenient and efficient.

Currently, based on the service platform of the SPF website, a campaign is being staged by the "Center" to uplifting the quality of its service and raise working efficiency to meet the growing demands of the participating enterprises and members of SPF on the management level of social insurance.

July 27, 2005

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