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SIP Inspection and Quarantine Implements New ACFTA Preferential Policy on Export Tariff

In conformity to the stipulations in the "Agreement on Trade of Goods under the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the People's Republic of China" and beginning from July 20, 2005, with the exception of the products previously under tariff reduction according to the earlier scheme on HS Chapter 1-18, the six original members of ASEAN (Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Indonesia, and Brunei) will give each other enlarged preferential treatment to products of China and ASEAN origin for the approximately 7,000 categories of products on the list of tariff reduction, effecting the customs clearance at the tariff rate of CAFTA. 
In order that goods from SIP, covered in the list and exported to ASEAN, can enjoy the preferential treatment of the CAFTA in a timely way, SIP Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine station has begun today to issue certificate of origin to products to the above-mentioned 6 countries, which conform to the tariff reduction according to "China-ASEAN Rules of Origin". It is recommended that the formats of these countries (Form E) for tariff reduction may be downloaded from the "Notice and Announcements" in the website of Beijing Import & Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau ( For the certification procedures, the exporting enterprises in SIP may also make inquiries at the two import and export inspection and quarantine offices in the SIP Duty-bond Logistic Center, at No.88 Modern Avenue, and in the Export Processing Zone, at No.200 Central Su Hong Road. The contact phones are: 62586353 and 62587829.

July 27, 2005

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