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SIP-AEFI Directors Meet at GM Salon

A directors' meeting of SIP Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment was held on the afternoon of July 22 at AU Optronics. Based on previous consultations with some directors and the consensus of opinions, Chairman Chen Ming of the association nominated Mr. Hanskarl Hechtel, General Manager of Bosch Automotive (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., as vice-chairman. The nomination was unanimously approved by the directors or their representatives present. Mr. Hechtel expressed his thanks in his speech for the trust shown to him and pledged to make positive efforts in assisting the work of the association as a bridge and tie.

Before the meeting, there were already 5 vice-chairmen of the association, who are: Managing Director Michael Barbalas of Andrew Telecommunications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Vice-president Goh Tien Jin of China-Singapore SIP Development Co., Ltd., GM Paul SL Peng of AU Optronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Managing Director A. Iwai of Pokka Four Seas (Suzhou) Food Co., Ltd., and former GM Jang Hyong Ok of Samsung Electronics (Suzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Mr. Jang Hyong Ok was transferred back to the HQ in Korea a few months ago, and is now unable to continue his work as vice-chairman. Considering the leading role of Samsung Group among Korean enterprises in SIP, a decision was made at the meeting that a vacancy was reserved for Samsung, to be filled in later by the representative elected from the Samsung enterprises in SIP.

The directors at the meeting also discussed the preparations for the Forum on SIP Manufacturing Industries scheduled for October this year. Secretary General Zhang Yishi outlined the objectives of the forum and preliminary arrangements of the agenda, followed by lively discussions on the rules of agenda and topics of the forum. Some constructive proposals were offered to hold symposiums on special topics before the forum, and it was the hope of all present that the forthcoming forum would become an arena for thorough communications among enterprises in exploring the common issues and orientation concerning the enterprises in SIP.

After the meeting, the directors joined the representatives of the association members in the annual GM's salon, held in the Friendship House of AU Optronics for exchanges and renewed friendship. Mr. Paul SL Peng, GM of the hosting company, showed the guests a much-treasured collection of folk handicraft articles of Suzhou and traditional daily utensils of local farmhouses. The members of the association were deeply impressed by the enthusiasm of AU Optronics in preserving the historical relics and local folklore.

July 26, 2005

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